Title not completed in sales doctypes - now broken?

Hi! I can’t get the title to be auto completed when I create a doctype from another document. For example, if I have a quotation and from there I make a sales order the title in the sales order shows blank, I have to complete it by hand.

Is this a normal behavior? Shouldn’t the title be auto completed with the quotation title?


Anyone has a clue on this?

Hi @jcm,

normally, the quotation looks something like this (when submitted)

Then you click Make > Sales Order and find something like this

Now you click save and the document number is assigned…

No need to adjust manually. Unless you might have edited your doctype (which is recommended not to…)?

Hope this helps…

I have customized the form so the title is visible and editable in the quotation, sales order and sales invoice.

In my dev enviroment the title of the sales order gets the same value from the quotation but in my production enviroment that does’nt happen.