To add: Calculated field on Reports when Add Column clicked

Hi all,
Don’t know if exists on v13 or of someone already thought or added to the willing list…

On everything report where Menu Add Column exists, would be great to have a column called (calculed field) or something else where based on the Doctype selected to add the column would allows us to:

  1. Type the column description (to be shown on print)
  2. Condition Field
  3. Formula

Condition and formula based on the fields of the selected Doctype or checks all Doctypes for that report.

Ex. On Report Payment Period based on invoice Date, I need to add a column TAX for Doctype Payment that will check if year(posting date) <=2020 so Formula would be paid amount * 0.03 if year(posting date) => 2021, formula would be paid amount * 0.07

This calculated field found be used for others either to return dates or other calculations…this way users wouldn’t have to export to excel and do certain calculations outside…


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You need to create a query report or script report if any require extra flexibility in your report.

I do know about it…
The point or the idea on sharing here to to have something like that in all reports instead of having the users building…

A field with those options (description, condition, formula) might be useful for some… Now it’s up to Frappe or ERPNext to see and decide.

You can raise an issue on GitHub and it might be considered.

That would be an amazing input

Inline editing does not work with Script reports.