To add Charges for custom payment modes

Hey all ,
Here is what i want to do:
I want to have multiple custom payment methods/modes in POS with different charges/tax for each charged to my company.
e.g) I have a custom payment mode Knet (a payment solution like visa) that charges me a % for its services for each transaction , so if a customer selects "Knet " option and pays me 5rupees , then some amount will be charged by Knet and my actual income is 4.9rupees (variable on charge %).

So even though on customer receipt its 5 , i want to show in my records(sales invoice and related ) only 4.9, so to calculate my actual profit.

what i have done so far:
on payment mode i created a custom field “extra charges rate”(lets call it ECR) and will enter the % which that method charges in it.
on sales invoice created a field “Payment fee rate”(PFR) and “Payment fee adjustments”.

Now i want that if a customer chooses a particular payment mode (No extra charges to customer for any mode),on sales invoice its rate to be taken from ECR and put in PFR(add_fetch() function ???) and calculated and its value to be SUBTRACTED from what the customer paid. The final amount should be the deducted amount.

**note:**This is only to be considered to maintain proper accounts and true earnings/profit . The actual payment will be done separately and the payment method in ERPNext will be considered cash only.
Any help would be appreciated .
Thanks in advance.

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Wouldn’t you calculate your profit from your P&L? You would normal have an expense account for bank charges.
The way you’re describing is a very narrow way of looking at each individual sale’s profit.

The profit and loss report takes transaction details from sales invoice , for that the sales invoice should show the correct cost, sale.
I also want to keep a track of how many customers preferred what payment method and how much it costs me .
How would you manage it through an expense account? i m not really an accounts guy :sweat_smile:
Could you please explain if its possible to achieve this in any other way.

i m open to ideas


For payment gateway charges you’d have an expense account and at the end of the month when you get the charges from your payment gateway you’d journal it in there.
You could also create a service items and add it to every sale if the customer choses a particular payment method. This is not ideal as it adds extra workload on the person processing the payment. Also the service item not sure how it will work on the % of sale items.
You could just journal in the payment gateway charges but for your reporting purposes make kent as a payment method to know how many sales have been processed through kent.