To all Dutchies: please verify the translations

Hi guys (for the sake of other non-Dutch speaking/reading peoples, I’ll keep this international)

In the last couple of days I’ve been combing through all Dutch translations on Not Found
I would ask of you to do the same, or part of it, to get the number of verifications significantly higher.

I suspect some of you are Flemish, and use slightly different (accounting) lingo. I’ve requested a Flemish language to be added to the current list. Ideally it’s a fork of the NL language after that has reached a proper % of verification.

It’s difficult to make a proper translation without context. Therefor I used the following conventions:

  • Item is translated as “Artikel” unless it was obvious something else was meant.
  • Account is “Rekening” unless it was obvious something else was meant.
  • Purchase Receipt is always translated as “Ontvangstbewijs”, but “Ontvangst” might cover it just as well, or might be better (shall we vote?)
  • Master (e.g. as in Item Master) I’ve translated to “Stam”, but that might become awkward, and I’m open to suggestions
  • Support is Support, as well as some other terms. In my experience that usually works pretty well.
  • Email is E-mail as without the hyphen it’s a material, not an electronic message.
  • BOM is “Stuklijst”, Explode is “Uitklappen”
  • Bill = Invoice = “Factuur”

Vouchers. Did not find a proper translation, so it’s still Voucher mostly.
System Admin setup terms as SMS settings or Mail settings. They have now been translated mostly, bu it might be better (unambiguous) to keep them in English.

Let’s get this done together. Thanks in advance.

meer dan een jaar na datum: “Voucher” vertalen wij als “Bon”

refund voucher = tegoedbon
gift voucher = cadeaubon