To copy from Email's sender and body text to Lead's person name and note

Hi there,

In my configuration, new incoming emails are converted to Leads.
Currently, those new Leads have empty “Person Name” and “Note.”

I’m wondering if I configure my ERPNext so that it copies

  • (email) the sender’s name to (lead) Person Name
  • (email) the body text to (lead) Note

Thank you in advance,

Sorry as is not configurable for now.

You can also create a Web-form for Lead and publish same on your ERPNext account.

If client posts through a web form, then field to field mapping should also be done.

Hi Umair,

Thank you for your clarification.

Since email is (unfortunately) still the largest source of leads, I cannot migrate to web forms…

I believe this copying function is almost the de-facto standard as seen in many proprietary/open-source CRMs.

Should I file this function as a feature request? Or is it already on the roadmap?

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Hi, I think I saw this functionality somewhere written just because it’s fundamental.

You should look in github the issues with CRM tag and if you find it give it +1


Hi, Thank you for your info.
Unfortunately, I was not able to find the issue (or feature request) in GitHub.

Could you help me with finding the issue there?

Kind regards,