To get SSL Certificate for IP address

Hello everyone,
Can anybody suggest me that how to add SSL certificate to IP address with the port as i am not using domain name.
For Eg. I need the Ip as below when i entered the URL

Let’s encrypt SSL certificates are not allowed for an IP address: you cannot say you are the proprietary of an IP address.

I think it’s possible to set SSL certificate directly in your nginx.conf file but it should be a manual operation.

Your IP Address seems to be from a Local Area Network so you can use a self-signed SSL Certificate.


Support for IP addresses on SSL certificates both in the common name and Subject Alternative Name (SANs) fields are possible with very limited SSLs and mostly (4 to 8 times) expensive and time consuming process of onboarding, then Domain Validation only SSLs.

@yashodhan @jodeq Thanks for your suggestion.