To show the Realtime data in Dashboard

Hi all good day.
Is there a way that the dashboard in frappe insight will show the realtime data without clicking refresh button? Like every 30seconds it will auto refresh?
Thank you

This is not currently possible as it could overload the production database.

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I see, thank you

You might win with this:
Just set the Tab refresh time a bit longer than 30 seconds to avoid a DB overload.


Thank you for this alternative solution, appreciated

Hi we tried this but it did not changed until we click the refresh button inside dashboard.

I realized a sort of dashboard that automatically refreshes the various tiles and graphs. But it’s outside of ERPNext. And it runs SQL queries directly from the databases. So it’s a bit of a hack and lacks access permissions etc.

Hi @matthkarl, you mean you are not using Frappe Insight? and using outside app to connect with ERPNext DB?

Yes, that’s correct. No Frappe Insight, or ERPNext Dashboard.

It’s basically an html page with various Ajax calls in Javascript. The Ajax calls fetch the data from some (shame) ASP classic pages that run the DB queries. I guess it would be relatively easy to switch that to PHP.

The freezer monitoring is refreshed all together, every minute. Each blue tile is refreshed separately at various intervals and each represents a major KPI we are interested in.
The graphs at the bottom also refresh individually and have various forms. Clicking on the various KPIs or graphs opens a more detailed list report.

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