To uncheck "Has Batch No."

Can I edit an item to uncheck “Has Batch No.” after completion of all transactions like sales order, production order and stock entry.

Anyone with updates? Is it editable?
I have tried it, but it could not be. I have checked “has batch no” while creating the item, but I want it to be unchecked now.
Can anyone help me?

Once the item has been used in a transaction, has batch is uneditable. If you want to change this, you’ll have to make a new item.

Thanks for your reply.
I have a scenario.
We are the manufacturing company, our products takes number of steps called sub-items ( 15-20 steps) to accomplish finished goods. sub-item1 become input for sub-item2 and sub-item2 become input for sub-item3 so on upto finished goods.
If I follow your solution, I have to create all of related processes like Items, sub-items, BOM, Item prices and all other customs that we made before.
For our process it seems little difficult in practice.
I hope you understood my problem and I wait for your view on it.

Ya, I understand where you are coming from, Our company is also in manufacturing. I’ve actually run into this in the past, And couldn’t find an easier solution.