Todo Confused me

Hello !!

I am very confused with Todo. :sweat_smile:

I have created with description and save todo.
then I attached excel to that todo.
and I want to complete this excel by another person so I assigned it to that user.
but the user didn’t get this todo with excel that I have attached. he gets todo without a file.

Could anyone help with this.

Whenever you use the +Assign it creates a new Todo allocated to the assignee with reference to the document on which it was assigned, Since you assigned someone a ToDo, A ToDo was created with reference to this ToDo.

What you need to do is after saving a todo and attaching the file, change the Allocated To field to whichever User you want to assign the task, and they will be able to see the file.

Refer the documentation for more clarity.

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That’s fine. I have done that.

But I can not see after allocated Todo to another person.
and I have a question that is this todo counted in my work or assigned person’s work? because at end of the month every person exports their todo report and sends it to HR.

So in that case how to measure the tasks of each person?