ToDo: possible to "tick that box"?

Hello! Just started trying out erpnext on Virtualbox yesterday, and I must say, so far I am loving what I discovered. So far this is the ERP that looks and functions most like I want it! Only one thing that surprised me with the ToDo app: Is there no way of marking a Task as done straight from the list? Like just ticking a box? It seems a bit slow to have to click every task to open it up just to mark it as closed.

But maybe I am just missing it, I am new after all!
Feel free to let me know!

Otherwise, so far really loving this erp!
Thanks to all community developers for a great looking app!

So far the box with feature to tick or untick to indicate completion is not available directly. You can alternatively create a custom field checkbox to use this functionality.

Interesting. Tried to play around a bit with it… So I created a checkbox. But it only shows up on the form page, so still have to open the task up. not in the list view even if I choose the option that it should be in the list. So it does not really work like I thought, (and like some other todo lists work) where you can just tick the box to complete the task. But I am not a programmer so I do not know, maybe it is too difficult to do for me. Anyway I am happy with most of the design of the app. And the possibility to create Kanban boards also.

So really great work and thanks to all the developers for a nice looking app!

Here is a way to do it.

hey @mslake , thanks for the info… think this is a bit beyond my head. still even just trying out erpnext on my harddrive through Virtualbox… I haven´t even installed erpnext on my host yet… and even that will be beyond my normal comfort zone… But thanks anyway for sharing!