Todo shortcut to only show open items

Hi everyone,
I added a shortcut to the ToDo list on my Home tab. The shortcut has the number of tasks behind it. Yet, this number is the total of all tasks on the ToDo list.
There are no options shown to add a filter, when I added the shortcut.
Is there a way to only show the number of open tasks?


Hi @ste_885932BDX,

Filter option is available, so please check it.

Thank You!

@NCP thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I do not have these settings options you show in your video. This is how it looks on my screen:

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 17-21-58-ERPNext-Shortcut

Iā€™m running ERPNext 15.11.0 and Frappe Framework 15.12.0. Even if I log in as the administrator, I do not have the functions you show in your video. Do I need to install something?

Thanks for your help.

Migrate the site and check it, because Everything is working fine. No problems were encountered in the latest versions 14 and 15.

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Thanks for your help. Migrating to the newest version was the thing to do.

All the Best!