ToDo-specific logic in Communication mixin

While working on PR fix(email): unintended emails sent as cc for todo allocated_to users by pstuhlmueller · Pull Request #20115 · frappe/frappe · GitHub I was wondering in general, what the business requirement behind the implementation of fetching allocated_to users from ToDo, is for setting up CC-recipients:
As part of communication/, at method

	def mail_cc(self, is_inbound_mail_communcation=False, include_sender=False):
		# Need to inform parent document owner incase communication is created through inbound mail
		if include_sender:
		if is_inbound_mail_communcation:
			if (doc_owner := self.get_owner()) and (doc_owner not in frappe.STANDARD_USERS) :
			cc = set(cc) - {self.sender_mailid}

Within the definition of get_assignees, we fetch all allocated_to users of all ToDos and add them as CC recipients for all incoming emails.

Why do we implement this specific logic in the Communication mixin, especially for ToDo DocType? If it was a generic logic that tries to identify recipients depending on the referenced DocType, I could understand it, but the restriction to the ToDo itself doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Before I create a PR and undo that part, the question to all here is if someone knows the business background of the requirement.