TODO tasks stop creating

Hi guys,

We have faced the instability with creating TODO tasks by our code in one of the custom DocTypes we developed. The method to produce TODO tasks is as follows

  • Our DocType implements after_insert method to render the logics of creating a new TODO task
  • We then put the call to after_insert into, to trigger the actual work with TODO to create

We observe that sometimes TODO tasks are created smoothly, as we designed the process. However, sometimes this stops to work (with no clear visible reason and without any stable STR).

When we see such issues, we do bench restart command. It fixes the problem temporarily (TODO start to go smoothly again). However, over time it gets broken once more.

Our Dev servers run one of the latest dev versions of ERP Next 7.x

Has anybody faced the problem like this one? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thank you.


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Most likely its a case with the business logic.