Top margin on PDF print


When I print directly to my printer, I am happy with the top margin.
However, when I click the “PDF” button, the margin is to small and when you
print this, the top part of the logo and “Purchase Invoice” does not print.
( Pictures below)

I found a post about left margins and the solution was to install libssl-1.0-def ( which
seem to be excluded on the debian distro). I run on Ubuntu and libssl-1.0-dev is indeed

here are some pics…

If someone could assist me with this one I would appreciate it.

I fixed this by:

  1. Make a duplicate of the Print Style you have selected in Printer Settings.
  2. Add the following to the CSS of the new print style.
    .letter-head-footer {
    margin-top: 0mm !important;
  3. Select the new print style in Printer Settings.

Thank you @akrause for this

I shall work through this !!