TOTAL AMOUNT in the print format


In my print format I am getting total and grand total as same.


  1. Item Price is 1000 Rs for 1 Nos
  2. My total and net total will be Rs 1000
  3. After discount of 50% it will be 500
  4. Rs 500 is showing as Total.

It should be as

Total - 1000
Discount- 500
Net Total- 500
Grand Total 500

As I have done custom print format l Please correct me as the calculations in the print is coming correctly.


Grand Total should not include discount and net total should account for discount.

Thanks Pawan,

It is clear to me on the calculations. but I am getting the total even before the discount.

I mean it is showing the grand total as it has to show me the as the Total.

I am getting correctly in the standard print reports.

But in my customized print format it is skipping.