Total contribution percentage should be equal to 100 - DocType Customer

Hello All,

We have a self-hosted environment; I am having below issues when I try to import a customer record. It seems that the import is successful only with mandatory fields, when I add some more data like Sales Person, Account Manager, Customer Contact details ( email, mobile ) it throws below error.

Kindly provide me help and this is a showstopper to the ERPNext implementation. Current knowledge base doesn’t have any proper information about this issue.

Doing unit testing for import so I tried to import just one record, I have to do many such records and have customer master updated with contact details.

Error on Import:
Total contribution percentage should be equal to 100


In the sales person table, there is a contribution field to be updated. If you have only one sales person, the contribution will be 100%. If you have multiple sales person you can add the contribution percentage to each of them. But the total should be 100.

Thank you for your response Saumya.

This is something new to me, I will retry the import. After getting the sales person percentage sorted.

May I know can I have multiple sales person added in my import CSV for one client. ?

Yes. You can have multiple sales person for a customer.

Thanks a ton, I was able to add the sales person to the customer doctype… really appreciate your help here!!

@Saumyaseelan_Pv : Brother one interesting thing, so I have same sales person for 2 or more clients and when I tried to insert new customer records with same sales person it give below error.

Duplicate Name

Sales Team sales person already exists

Does this mean I need to split the contribution per customer. Eg: 2 customers then contribution is 50 - 50 ?

Thanks in advance you have been really great.


No. The contribution will be divided between sales person for one customer only.

I see, but when I try to insert the same sales person with other customer it gave duplicate error. Any thoughts on that ?

I chose the “Insert New Records” option as I am importing new customer having same sales persons.

Not sure why its giving that error. for unique ID i have used CUST.-YYYY-. “Series” field.



I figured that Insert New records will not allow same person to be updated to multiple customers, I will have to make a different import template for updating the sales person separately.