Total cost of an item

is there a way to put an addition of cost on 1 item for later on to get its total cost ?
for example :let’s say i have a router as a product : its customs is like maybe 10$ per piece , the tax is like 3$ and it’s total cost will be 13$
is there any feature in erpnext which allows me to do that?
as far as i know i can only type the cost direct without the sum of multiple things on that product to get its total cost


3$ is your tax. so why not create a tax rule? go to accounts and find the tax rules templates… you can define tax settings as you like…

i know i can define either in purchase taxes and charges or sales taxes and charges , but there is something called customs too , it’s when you pay something for the containers it is included in the cost too in addition to the tax, so that’s why i’m asking is there anything related to customs which can be added to the total cost