Total Leaves Calculation in Monthly Attendance Sheet

ERPNext Version 13.3.0

Hello Folks,

Here is something I noticed in the summarized view of the monthly attendance sheet report. Half-day present and half-day absent are represented by 0.5. The pattern I noticed in attendances narrows down to the following formulas.

Total Presents = Actual Presents + (0.5) x Total Half Days
Total Absents = Actual Absents + (0.5) x Total Half Days
Total Leaves = Total Leaves + (0.5) x Total Half Days

Senario: If an employee has 3 half days and 4 absents in a month on 26 working days. His total presents are 19+(0.5) x 3 = 20.5. Similarly, his total absents are 4 + (0.5) x 3 = 5.5. So the total working days are 20.5 + 5.5 = 26.

Suppose, his employee does not have any leaves in these 26 days. But still, ERPNext calculate the total leaves as, 0 + 0.5 x 3 = 1.5. Why is it so that half of the half-day is added in absents as well in leaves. Shouldn’t it be added in only one category, depending on the nature of the half day?

I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything relevant, hopefully would get some great suggestions from the nice people here.

Stay blessed and safe.

**UPDATE : ** I also noticed that this total leaves are fetched in Leaves Without Pay when creating Salary Slip for an employee. Which is then used to deduct amount from salary component and calculate the Net Salary.