Total Monthly Sales In the company profile page is not updating

Till version 10, the total monthly sales was updating. However, since the update to v11, the total monthly sales has been stuck. Somehow it is not changing. It is stuck at the value of last month.



Hi @Jyot_Vakharia,

there is a known issue that the next month sales target only shows as soon as the first sales invoice is recorded. So if you have your sales from January and February starts, it will at first show the January sales total until the first sales invoice is booked. Could this be what you are observing?

Hey! No I have already generated quite a few invoices but it still keeps showing the last months value.

I can observe the same issue after upgrade to ERPNext: v11.1.11 (master), before (ERPNext v11.1.7) it was working fine… Probably an issue…