[total newbie] ER Diagram & Payment by article

I’m a total novice on ERP systems and I’ve been looking after erpnext for a while to adopt it for a project.

My client asked me if:

  • is it available somewhere an ER Diagram (to understand the evolution of a document through the cycle)
  • is it possible to customize the product to specify a Payment method per Article.

Sorry for the naive questions and thank you for your time,

what do you mean with ER Diagram
Payment can be specified in Item as a custom field


ER diagram is not yet there but you can get overview by https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/

Can you explain this in brief ?

@becht_robert ER is an entity-relationship diagram for the database tables.

@giupo777 welcome to the forum!

No there is no ER diagram out of the box, but if you want I am sure you could use any tool to make one from the MySQL table.

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Thank you everybody for the kind answers.

@saurabh6790: sorry, the question was really bad placed. I meant to customize a payment invoice where you specify the articles of the invoice and per article you can/could specify a payment method. But I guess @becht_robert already got it and replied :slight_smile:

thanks for the link, highly appreciated!

Will be back soon, I know :cry: