Total quantities for all warehouse


Is there any report that can show the total quantities for all warehouses? Say for example i have item A available in 3 warehouses, I need a report that will show how many is left or the total qoh in the 3 warehouse.


thank you

Stock Ledger, Stock Balance or Stock Summary should work for this, I guess. Have you tried any of those?

All of these show quantities in each warehouse separately. I think what @ossphinc is looking for is a way to summarize it and find sum of total quantities.

Then I misunderstood the question, sorry

Hello @LifeP , yes I’m finding a way to find the sum of total quantities for all warehouses.

Something like this?

bins = frappe.get_all("Bin",
  fields = ["actual_qty"],
  filters = [
    ["actual_qty", ">", 0],
     ["item_code", "=", i.item_code]
actual_qty = reduce(lambda x,y:x+y, map(lambda b:b["actual_qty"], bins), 0)

Hi @ppd what is the function of the “Bins” ? and where will I deploy the script ?

Thank you

Hello @ossphinc, “Bins” are just documents that hold the current state of a certain item in a specific warehouse. You can see yourself by going to

The script is a python (server side) script and can be part of a custom report. (

What do you need exactly? A report with a two filters, one for the item code and one for the warehouse?


Im still trying to find an answer to this… Please let me know if you have a solution to it…