Total unpaid 0 but there is outstanding in Accounting Ledger

hello, i am currently using ERP and i use 4 as float & currency precision.

I am find out at my several Customer account, their balance is already 0, mean they already paid all my invoices to them. But if i open accounting ledger, there is some tiny outstanding such as 0.002, etc…

Since i want to close fiscal year, how do i deal with this outstanding?

Short version : total unpaid in customer is 0, but there is tiny outstanding in Accounting Ledger

Anyone can give an insight to this problem?


IMO it’s might be rounding off difference, you can transfer it via JV

we can’t, because if we open, for example, Customer A total unpaid is 0… but of we open Customer A Account Receiveable, there is outstanding like 0.002 or something… anyone experienced this before ?

Also if you try to use JV write off, you won’t find any Sales Invoice as reference, cause i think the system already decide no more outstanding for this customer…

Anyone has any idea about this issue?