Tracing back the source of an item being sold

Hello ERPNext community,
In the Organic food world, its a common practice to show the customer where the produce came from. Generally the consumer would like to know who the supplier was and see their certification etc.

While correlating it to the ERPNext features, the closest i could see is the serial number/batch number.
If each batch has a link to the predecessor, and then the final product in the online shop can have a link to the suppliers info/certification. But seems cumbersome without automation.

Is any such development being thought off, or is under progress ?

Additional Requirements:

  1. The warehouses where this product was stored in the whole journey, should also be traced .
  2. If a product was manufactured from 2 different products, the source of these two raw material products also have to be incorporated in the tractability.
  3. The suppliers organic certification link should be displayed automatically in the online shop for that product based on this trace.

These may give you clues Search results for 'traceability' - Frappe Forum