Track Batch numbers


I’ve got machined parts that come as a batch. These parts are then part of a sub-assembly, which in turn becomes part of an assembly.

I have different possible configurations:

  1. Only the part has a batch number. I just want to know which part is used in the sub-assembly and assembly. These two don’t have batch or serial numbers, but they could be given the same batch number as the part.
  2. Parts have batch number, the assembly has a serial number. My final assembly, which has a unique serial number, uses parts that have a batch number, as well as sub-assemblies which to not have a batch or serial number, but that use parts that have a batch number. I’d like to track all the batches that have been used, whether directly or through a sub-assembly.

Is there a way to track which batch my part comes from, without having to enter it by hand at each step? It’s confusing and source of error.

I hope this was clear. Thanks for your help!

Hey @ecollot, we’ve been using a barebones report on our instance. I’ve added a PR to be merged into develop, at feat(serialized_item_tracking): Add report to track source of serialized and batch items by Alchez · Pull Request #16364 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

Hope this helps!

@ecollot have you found any solution to this? @RohanB since, it is not merged to the core, could you post your github link here for us to install it as a custom app?

Hey @Raymond_Liew, this is actually on our fork of the ERPNext app, with a bunch of other features that we require for our clients and may not be suitable or compatible for other companies. However, you can pick up the logic from the PR I linked above and add it to a custom app.

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