Track COGS breakdown by item group used as raw material, against FG sales

We make FG using 3 separate item groups: RM (raw material), PM (packaging material) and Consumables. We have created 3 expense accounts at item group level: COGS RM, COGS PM, COGS Consumables.

Once I make a manufacturing entry, the FG value becomes the combined value of input items. And then I can get COGS at the overall FG level against my sales…but I want to see the breakdown of this FG COGS against my sales. How can I do this?

Will using Cost Centers under a single COGS account solve your problem?

Dont think so. As the issue is not cost centre, but that the COGS was rolled up into one single value at the time of manufacturing. Is there a way to maintain group wise cost breakup of a finished good?