Track doc created to version doctype in erpnext v14.0.0-dev


In ERPNext v13.x.x-develop, when we create record in any doc type that we track change it will automatic create new record in Version doctype.

But now in ERPNext v14.0.0-dev this feature is gone. I already enable Track Change in doctype setting.

Is there any setting that I can enable this feature back?


You can instead just check the document’s “creation” from sidebar.

This was intentionally removed:

First version doesn’t contain ANY information apart from creation timestamp, which is already a constant field on the document.

When a document is deleted, is it being recorded in Version, including the creation timestamp?

If not, then if I created a document and later deleted it, all information about the original document’s creation timestamp is lost.


So sad to heard that.
I use webhook to track some data added or change real time and send data to external application. There are about 7 to 10 doctypes.

Instead of create webhook for each doctype and every event I use only 1 webhook with Version doctype and have some condition to limit event trigger.

Since this remove, my old process is not working when new record added.

Could anyone suggest me how to sync real time data between 2 api url?


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You’ll just have to create different webhooks. Your webhooks depended on a buggy behaviour in system :smile:

This is classic xkcd: Workflow

Love the colors!!