Track Inventory and Cost of Packaged Item


We have an Item A, which gets Manufactured in KG. It is then Packaged at different UOMs(100g, 150g etc). Based on the Customer, Item A is packaged using different Packaging Material.

item_code: Item A (Manufactured in KG)
item_code: Item A-CustomerA-100g (uses Customer A Packaging Material)
item_code: Item A-CustomerB-100g (uses Customer B Packaging Material)
item_code: Item A- CustomerB-150g (uses Customer B Packaging Material)

In order to track the inventory and cost of the packed item, should we need to create Items per UOM and per Customer(where packaging materials varies) combination


Is there any other approach to model the items better?


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I have the same situation here. I plan to add additional items for each packaging and use BOM to create those. This way you know the exact stock and can also take the stock for the individual packagong material if you need.
Not sure if this is the best approach though. Happy to hear others’ thoughts…

Hi @bluesky,

Thanks for the response. Looks like you are also following the same approach that we are planning. Is that understanding correct?

With Respect to naming of Items, We are planning to follow the Item code with the nomenclature of (Manufactured Itemcode) - (Customer) - (Packaging UOM) for the new Packed Item.
e.g. FGXXX-CC-300g

Would like to hear if there are any other best practices in naming the items under such scenarios.


What’s the advantage of a repack entry over a BOM?

I think you guys are on the right track. I would however ensure that the Packaged Items have a Whole Number. If you use Kg as the UOM for the Packaged Items, then technically you could make transactions for any quantity.

Hope this helps.



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