Track Item Inventory at different UOM


We Manufacture Item A in Kg. Item A is then packaged into 100g, 300g packets.
To achieve this we have created 100g and 300g UOM and set the conversion factor as 0.1 an 0.3 .

When we want to track the Inventory, i am able to see the stock in Kg only. For example (10 kg). I want to know how many 100g Packets or how many 300g packets are there in the Inventory.

Is there a way where we can track this Inventory at the pack(100g, 300g) level?


You have to create separate items for 100g & 300g packets and do the repacking when you create the packets. You can create a BOM and call the same in stock entry when you create these packets.

Option 1:
I agree with @Saumyaseelan_Pv. By placing the Item A into different “packages”, you are effectively doing another step in manufacturing. And creating new Items.

  • Consume 100g of Item A
    • Produce 1 Each of Item A100.
  • Consume 300g of Item A
    • Produce 1 Each of Item A300.

Now your inventory is tracked by packet, not grams.

Option 2:
I do not recommend this for your case. But you “could” make use of Batch/Lots to handle this.

  • To package Item A in small packets, assign to Batch A_Pack100.
  • To package Item A is larger packets, assign Batch A_Pack300.

Now to count “packets”, you write a Report that does the math.

  • Quantity of 100g Packets = Total grams of A_Pack100 divided by 100.
  • Quantity of 300g Packets = Total grams of A_Pack300 divided by 300.

To sell specific packets, you would choose the appropriate Batch on the Sales Order.

I still think Option 1 is the correct solution, though. Once you seal the grams of Item A in packets, you are effectively creating a new “Item” that stands alone.

Item A in kg is different from item A 100g or 300g,
First one is your raw material, second one is your finished product.
Create raw materials in kg,
Create FG items in 100g or 300g different different item code.
I hope it helps