Track Outstanding Amount in invoice Currency

Hello Everyone, I have a submitted invoice of $100, booked against a supplier with a default payable account with Currency in Naira (₦),

the outstanding amount of that invoice is displayed in Naira,

Payment of $50 has been made on the Invoice using a dollar account.

My challenge is, i am not able to view the outstanding amount in the currency it was created, I want to track the outstanding amount e in the currency of the invoice (USD) and not the default payable currency,
The payment entry doctype has a reference table that tracks payment, but that table is also recorded in the payable currency of supplier.

Where do I find the field that records the outstanding amount in the invoice currency

There is no concept of Invoice (or Transaction) currency in ERPNext. There are only two currency available in the ERPNext (Company Currency & Party Currency), so you will be able to see the transaction reports in Company base currency only.

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May be you can use general ledger report where you can select the currency you required. Select the party type and party, then you can select the currency also. It will show the outstanding in other currencies

Hello Ebuka

In creating the customer did you choose a usd accounts payable as the default accounts payable ?

I assume you also chose USD as the customer default ?

These two actions must be made to be able to get the result you want.


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Hi @Ebuka_Joseph_Akeru

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Hello @olamide_shodunke, A million thanks for your response, judging from the responses to this question I do not think there is an existing way to view the outstanding amount in the invoice currency instead of the supplier payable currency, because if I select a USD supplier payable in an invoice and make the currency in Naira, outstanding amount, in that case, will be tracked in dollars