Tracking Expense by company branch


Please can someone advise me on the best approach to track expenditure by company branch.
If a company has multiple branches, and normally track expenses using a expense book in each branch.

How can this be setup using the Expense claim form.

@kdevloper You will need to create ledgers for each branch in Chart of Accounts.

I understand the need for separate ledger. But my consideration is When setting up Expense Type for Telephone;

  1. How will I assign the account for a given branch.
  2. Are you suggesting that I have Different Expense type for each branch? eg Telephone Branch A, Telephone Branch B.
  3. Is there a way to limit the user to their respective expense type after the above?

Creating a separate Cost Center for each Branch will be better approach. Will be helpful in Budgeting as well. When creating entry, you will have to manually select Expense Account/Cost Center based on Branch.