Tracking hours of subcontractors and generating SO/INV etc?

Hello, I hope someone can give us some guidance with our use case.

We have two types of workers in our business that we pay by the hour: employees and subcontractors (the difference has to do with employment and income tax withholding mostly)

We are using the Timesheets feature to track hours for both types of employees. How can we turn those timesheets into Purchase Invoices so we can pay our subcontractors?

Or perhaps we are using the wrong module/feature?

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.


We are trying to solve the same issue here. As of now, we are using task/timesheet report and manually creating the PO. Hopefully someone suggest better solution.

We have resorted to hiring a programmer to create a new DocType called Subcontractor Timesheet with a new Name Series (SCTS).

We have also customized our Employees DocType to add an alternate Name Series called HR-SCEMP.

We then customized the Purchase Invoice to Fetch the SCTSs.

It would be nice to have all this functionality by default.

@DonDowner can you share that module? We are looking at working with a construction company and then need this.

@woakes070048 It’s not a module, but a series of new custom DocTypes plus customized code via our own custom app which incorporates many other changes to the app. I wouldn’t be able to share that, sorry. But if this works, I will gladly mention it to my programmer to see if he’s interested in implementing these changes for you as well, and you pay him directly.