Tracking Inventory with Custom Attributes

Hello community as many already knows ERPNEXT manage to track serial numbers and lot numbers for products, but many business requires custom attributes to be track also as formulas for chemical manufactures, colours or presentations for raw products, for example you could measure salt by kg but you may purchase 25 kg bags and 20 kg bags and i haven’t found a built in way to manage that different in inventory terms without using products variants.
So the question is, has anyone come out with a solution for this scenario? or are there any members in the community needing this functionality too?

Randy Lowery

Other than variants, you can also use alternate Units of Measures (UOMs). Have you tried that?

Hello, yes i had and already use multiple uoms for buying and selling, but what i mean is more than an alternative way of tracking inventory other than lot and serial number. There are many scenarios where a instance attribute is needed like Guarantee Date or any number of User Defined Attributes like origin ( you may have same product with sames attributes but from diferent countrys).

As many business are diferent each may need to set their own attribute or multiple for inventory manage, so there would be no need to manage many variants and also simplify the end user work.

Let me give the product presentation example. Let say to make it simple water, as it may come in 225kg barrel, but also in variants of 30 kg to 35kg small containers, while selling the three presentations user will only have inventory as a hole, not knowing how many of the three can he sales without going to the warehouse. If in this example i choose to go for variants alternative that mean i have to create 4 water presentation, mantain 3 cost history 3 diferent selling prices.