Tracking ITem Brand during Purchase and Inventory, but not in BOM

Hi All,
I have a Raw material Butter which i purchase in different Brands. I want to keep track of these brand during my purchase cycle and also in the inventory. One simple Usecase is i want to know what would be my stock Balance of the Item with a particular brand.

However During Production(Creating BOM), we are not interested in a particular brand. So i want to give Butter as the Raw Material without any brand.

While researching i found two concepts Brand doctype and Manufacturer doctype.

Brand Doctype has ability to track the stock, but it will result in creation of item per brand. This is not desirable as brand will keep on increasing and would result us in creating one BOM per brand.

Manufacturer doctype is able to give multiple manufacturer(brand) for a single item, but not able to track the stock of the item per manufacturer.

I would like the community help in modelling the above scenario.


Can you not use Alternate Item concept?
In bom donot put any brand,in actual consumption use the relevent brand as alternate item …

You can use variants as a brand