Tracking of non assets

I have items that that have purchased that are not Fixed Assets as we do not depreciate them but I would still like to track them as though they were assets. An example would be a swatch book. The price is minimal and we would write it off the year it is purchased. It has no resale value but it is valuable to us and we need to know that we have it and where it is.

My first though is to list it as a fixed asset with an asset category that depreciates in one month and have it depreciate into the appropriate expense account but I am sure I overlooking something. Can someone tell me if/why this is a bad or how they handle keeping track of resources that are vital to their day to day operations.


Actually you can set an item as Fixed Asset and not calculate depreciation

Un-checking the Calculate Depreciation box just seems to make it so that the item never gets depreciated or end up in an expense account.

You can pass a journal entry so that the accounts have relevant balances wrt this Asset. As of now, only that can be catered.