Tracking Sales Process on ERPNext


A typical sales process involves starting with a Lead, qualifying it, moving it to an opportunity, a quotation, a sales order. Many times, especially in the B2B scenario, installation and commissioning activities need to be tracked for the whole deal to progress smoothly and for the selling organization to collect payments from the customer.

All of these are achieved by various people in the selling organization by communicating and interacting with the various stakeholders of the buying organization.

Has anybody implemented an easy way to get a simple report that tracks these communications/interactions? Like an Opportunity leads to a Quotation which Leads to a Sales Order, which leads to a Delivery Note/Sales Invoice and somewhere in the process, payments have to be collected and tracked.

It perhaps needs a separate DocType for Communication/Interactions and a way to connect up the Opportunity with the Quotation, Quotation with the Sales Order, Sales Order with the Payment Entry (for advances), Delivery Note and Sales Invoice and the Sales Invoice with Payment Entries.