Tracking serials in repaired product

Does anybody have experience with tracking repairs in ERPnext on a returned serialised product where a serialised component is replaced?

Ok, I’ve done some homework now and it seems you can “repack” a product into other Items. Thing is, our product comprises of 25 RM items (of which 2 are serialised), so doing this manually is a lot of work. Now I see that I can use a BOM to enter the items. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to have ERPnext accept the BOM items to go to the target warehouse and the product to the source, i.e. you cannot have the BOM work in reverse to disassemble the product?

Currently feature to disassemble bom is not available but maybe stock entry could be a workaround

Thanks, that is a lot of work with many sub-assemblies but it would do the job. Any chance that disassemble according to BOM will be implemented?