[Training] Frappe Developer Certification: Register for the first batch of 2023!

We’re excited to announce that Geoffrey Karani will be conducting the Frappe Developer Training session from January 27th, 2023.

Register for Frappe Developer Certification to learn about Frappe Framework Development, easy ERPNext Customisations, and a lot more!

Key Learnings:-

  • Building apps using Frappe
  • Extending Frappe using Hooks and API
  • Building custom portals using web pages
  • ERPNext Customisation and Integration

Have more questions?

Write to us at school@frappe.io and we will resolve your queries.


Will this get released on frappe.school available to eveyone like other courses ?

I appreciate frappe team for releasing the courses for free and only charging for the certifications, hope you guys do the same with this course.