[Training] Technical skills required for any developer, Good News

You are looking to learn frappe framework in a fast manner and from professional, I recommend for you this training program that will boost your capacity to deliver development tasks.


FYI, demo session link will be shared by email, please make sure to add your email in google doc

One of the benefits is you will get steps of working examples where developer will struggle to make the same working, from that point you can implement it in any project.
1- API in and oyt of erpnext
2- Biometric integration
3- hospital devices integration
4- custom reports
5-custom workflow



I got a comments on previous frappe framework training that benefits was not that much and afraid to repeat same mistake.

I am agree with them but I can guarantee to you that this session will be something different 100%.

Attending demo session and get first impression, also attend 1st and 2nd session to get 2nd impression, starting from 3rd session only paid attendees will get session link.

Register here to get demo link:

Few seats left…

For Logistic reasons I will not be able to join this session now.

I however wish you success in this .

Well done

Thanks for your kind words, I am doing this action to fulfill the gap of developers resources there is a large gap.
However, we have planned two programs one for beginners and 2nd one for advanced topics

Have registered but haven’t received any confirmation mail.

What is your email?
Today end of day I will share demo session link

Hi @nmami ,
Did you share demo session link?

We did this session yesterday, if interested register here to get updates
To register for demo session: https://lnkd.in/dsnGZWe

Demo session recording, ERPNext/Frappe Developer Training - Introduction - YouTube

Good news to community, new discounts will be available,
1- Group students (minimum 3 students)
2- and referring discounts.

please get in touch for details.

About your training offering, We know your Basic course well and 60 % of the advanced course . Hence it’s not justified to pay for the things you know with ample hands-on . So either allow second part or plan the specialised course for people who wants to sharpen skills at ERP Next. We are happy with video sharing at cost after training imparted.

You can get advanced batch only no restriction on that.