Transaction History Per Party Type


How do I check my total transaction history with a specific customer or supplier? As in from day one, all the invoices, payments, etc. So I can send it to a said customer?

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You can view it on general ledger, select party type and party name.


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but a credit note is written under the Ref Column as a Sales Invoice and not Credit Note.
That’s incorrect. How can I fix that?

And I can’t email the Statement of Account from within ERPNext.

You should download the pdf of Statement of Account / General Ledger and email manually.

The feature to email a report is not available right now. But it is in our to-do list for v7.1/v7.2

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please ensure that it can bulk email statements. sometimes you need to send statements to like 1000 clients. and if possible, let it have a recurring option.

ERPNext is well on its way into pushing other ERP systems into irrelevance, it doesn’t have to do everything right (not even God does everything right) but as long as it does the important things right. and it’s getting there.

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