Transactions between company and its branches

We have a scenario where a company has branches that are are like retail stores. The branches get the products from company’s warehouse and sell to to end customers. There is no sale transaction between company and the branch but only stock transfers.

What is the recommended approach in ERPNext ? Appreciate any pointers to this.

If the branches stock the inventory the sell then you must create a separate Warehouse for each location. You can use Stock Entry > Purpose = Transfer to send stock to each branch.

You’ll need to specify which Warehouse you’re pulling your stock from as you’re selling. POS for retail is simple in this regard because you define a default stock warehouse for each branch. But for back office invoices you’ll need to define your warehouse in the stock detail by changing the warehouse in the first line. This part could be designed better in ERPNext, but this is the current procedure.

You should also segment your customers by Territories to make it easier to analyses sales performance by branch.

You will also have to look into warehouse restrictions to control who can do what to which warehouse.


Thanks for the quick response!. Got some clarity. I will now need to do a little more homework and revert!