Transactions don't work in custom doctype


I have duplicated quotation doctype and created a custom doctype multiple proforma invoice . I have made few necessary changes but almost everything remains same. but when I,m using using it things like currency selection, amount total etc not working .

How can I make those work ?



There are many common functionalities in the sales transactions. These functionalities are managed from sales_common. Check if you will need to make changes in the sales common to make it work.

Selling > sales_common.js

Hello Umir

didn’t found what to change . I have created a similar doctype like quotation . What I want is

  1. When select currency price list rate and exchange rate should appear
  2. While selecting item code item name, description and rates also do not populated with data like quotation and sales order. I want them to auto populate
  3. Also total amount is not calculate automatically

Can you help me how can I make them work ?


Any help will be a life saver :slight_smile:

Please share your scripts , someone here could guide you fixing bugs if any ?


hi @inventobd,

you will need to extend the SellingController class in your Jquery script please check the quotation.js

Also, we will need to inherit the SellingController class in you python script please check the

Thanks, Makarand