Transfer cash inter-company

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I would like to have inter-company cash like this.

We have 2 company some owner running on the same ERPNext system call A and B

  • A: America (USD)
  • B: Australia (AUD)

How can we transfer the money from company A to company B? As I use the Journal Entry, I cannot find other party than Customer & Supplier.

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Best practice is to create account heads for these kinds of transactions.

Or, consider each company a “party”

@felix: Thank for your answer. It’s good idea if the ERPNext cannot support for the inter-company. So we will miss the connection between this 2 transactions.

Regards to your idea, do you idea how about we treat other type of party beside Customer and Supplier like Funding partner or Bank or…? If I put the remain company like Supplier or Customer, I think it don’t make sense.

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@Tai_Tran_Hong Have you found a way to do this. I am in a similar situation

similar situation can any one share his solution or experience with us ??

It is a inter company loan. So create a party or a “bank” or a “lender” and account as an asset for the lender and liability for the borrower. It is not that there are 1000s of such transactions everyday like potentially from a POS or a shopping cart. So it doesn’t have to be a feature. Also just because they are in the same system doesn’t mean there has to be a connection between the two.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Not at all satisfactory answer. It will not reflect pending amount in balance sheet then whats the use of such entry. This is not correct method. ERPNext please suggest concrete solution for the same.

First, what is the companies ownership structure? is either company A or B a subsidiary of each other. If so, how have you set up the companies in ERPNext? Because there is a chance to set up a company as a subsidiary of another, which would allow inter-company account, if I am not wrong.