Transfer ERPNext from one server to another


It is possible to transfer ERPNext from one server to another with all data, settings and customization ?
Example : I have an ERPNext instance in my digital ocean server running ubuntu 14.4 . I made some customization’s to look and feel via modifying HTML,CSS and JS files , added several custom fields and I have data also . Now If I want to transfer it to my Amazon EC2 server running Ubuntu 14.4 also what steps I need to take ?

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  1. Setup ERPNext on your Amazon instance.
  2. Download Backup from Digital Ocean instance. This backup will also include your customizations.
  3. Restore backup in your Amazon instance.

Thanks man . That is a great help .


how can take backup of my old instance and how to import in new instance

Hi, here are the steps with notes to explain

but how i import my .tar files get from this command bench --site sitename backup --with-files

into other server

Try these Unix commands -

  1. scp the tar.gz file to the other server

  2. untar the files

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