Transfer material against job card not working in V12?

If in Work Order is enabled ‘transfer_material_against_job_card’ then on trying to Submit ‘Job Card’ error about ‘transferred_qty’:

The error is coming from:

_File “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/manufacturing/doctype/job_card/”, line 115, 
in set_transferred_qty_
_self.db_set(“transferred_qty”, self.transferred_qty)._

as self.transferred_qty is 0 because there are no ‘Stock Entries’ associated with this ‘Job Card’ yet.

What’s interesting that buttons to create such ‘Stock Entries’ are only shown if ‘Job Card’ is submitted (status = 1).

Shoudn’t transactions (Material Transfer & Stock Entries) be made before Job Card is submitted or I am missing some logic?

Using V12:

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@Bench_stop, we were recently facing the same issue as well.

It’s happening, as the error suggests, because the transferred_qty field is set in the database to require a valid float value. If we modify it and allow null values there, it breaks in a couple other places as well.

We couldn’t figure out the right way to solve this problem and we had to find a fix urgently, so we used a workaround for now, which is to uncheck the “Transfer Material against Job Card” box, and do the Stock Entries against the Work Order directly instead.

Hope that helps you.

@RohanB thanks for idea.
-I guess you had to edit doctype of ‘Stock Entry’ as well, as field ‘job_card’ is read only in it. What means you can’t set it by yourself by manually creating ‘Stock Entries’.

Form this piece of code (at you can read that transferred_qty is calculated from ‘Stock Entries’ with specific Job Order’:

So if you have not set ‘Job Card’s’ name in ‘Stock Entry’, then wrong value of transferred_qty in ‘Job Card’ will be calculated.

If I understand correctly the flow of new manufacturing process, then I have already fixed this one for myself.
I made the post to get some response from Erpnext team…

To fix:

  1. Show button ‘Material Transfers’ (that will lead to ‘Stock Entry’) in ‘Job Card’ before submit:
    -change to ‘frm.doc.docstatus==0’

  2. When you press button ‘Material Transfer’ in ‘Job Card’ then system automatically prefills the information from Job Card to Stock Entry and then docstatus of Job Card shouldn’t be 1 (‘submitted’) but 0, so this line should have to be “docstatus”: [“=”, 0]

P.S. Does somebody know - is there some written documentation about new manufacturing process? Otherwise we have to spend a lot of time just by chasing idea of what this and this code could mean as logic in Erpnext gets more and more sophisticated (what is good, of course)


We have fixed this issue, can you please pull the latest update and check

Hi @rohit_w, can you please link to the update/PR for this fix?