Transfer reserved quantity

hello community . Is there a way I can transfer reserved quantity from warehouse to warehouse and still reserved ? thank you

@bahaou unfurtunatelly the sort answer is no!

I had exactly same problem you are facing few weeks ago.
The case was simple (some products need to be reserved for delivery, some need to be reserved for assembly) on the same sales order.

What we did, was put in place an automation.

  1. We created 2 Warehouses (Reserved for Assembly, Reserved for Delivery)
  2. Decide and associate the items on the SO with they respective warehouse
  3. We use the “Source Warehouse” from the SO doc to Raise “Material Requests” for “Transfer”
  4. We submit the MR and automatically turn into “Stock Transfers”

With all those aspects, we ensure items will be transfered, and the reservation will happen on the respective warehouse.