Transferring from batch to other batch

I Need to transfer Qty of item from batch to other batch but I don’t know how
Can you help me?

Can you be more specific? I doubt if such scenario exists.

I need to cancel a stock entry transaction (Material Receipt), and Qty have been sold in invoices so this batch is out of stock while I have stock in other batch
I want to transfer some qty of the Other batch to the first one
thanks for help

You can try the following:

  1. Make a Stock Entry → Type: Material Issue to stock out from one batch.
  2. Make a Material Receipt to add it into the other batch.

However you’ll need to check the valuation rates as the batch valuations would likely be different.

EDIT: you can add your comments in the doc to keep an audit trail and purpose of the issue/receipt.

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Thanks for your solution
but I’m excited to know if there other solution