Translate report values

I made a custom report by query, but the column values are not translated based on system configuration(PT-BR) as you can see.


  `tabSales Order`.name as "ID:Link/Sales Order",
  `tabSales Order`.customer as "Cliente:Link/Item:250",
  `tabSales Order`.company as "Empresa:Link/Company:120",
  `tabSales Order`.delivery_date as "Data de Entrega:Date:120",
  `tabSales Order`.grand_total as "Total Geral:Int:100",
  `tabSales Order`.status as "Status:Text:100",
  `tabSales Order`.delivery_status as "Status da Entrega:Text:150",
  `tabSales Order`.per_delivered as "Entregue:Percent",
  `tabSales Order`.per_billed as "Faturado:Percent",
  `tabSales Order`.billing_status as "Status do Faturamento:Text:150"

  `tabSales Order`

      `tabSales Order`.per_delivered < 100
  AND `tabSales Order`.delivery_date < CURDATE()
  AND `tabSales Order`.status != 'Closed'
  AND `tabSales Order`.status != 'Cancelled'
  AND `tabSales Order`.status != 'Completed'

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Any help?

I have the same issue, did you find any solution ?

I guess there is a tricks with new column table feature in query report, but I haven’t dig enough into code to find a solution yet.