Translate to my own lang

I want to install erpnext on my local server and modify translation how can i do this plz help me in installation and change translation in my local server. And check it and after i be sure change it in your site
i have to just change my csv lang file?

If you only want to change and test in your local, then changing the csv file should be enough.

And when we want install with scripts directly install from internet and how we can do this change in csv ?
First we have to do script and then we have to change csv file in local pc ?

try custom translations.

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tnx a lot but i want to change it in one text file not change one by one

and if i translate one csv file all words be translate in program or i have to do more thing ?

i do this command after changing csv file
brench start
brench update
and now my site have error: “Internal Server Error”
plz help me

i want to translate all menu & object in program like bom & item &…


can you please share the console error traceback ?

i get this error on my browser
what kind of error you want ?


check your terminal for full error traceback

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And other problem i have with translating
is that some word was translated in program but dosent exsit in" …/translation / fa.csv "
how can i translate this words?