Translate workspace json file

In Version 14, I am stuck in this sentences translation:

  • Your Shortcuts
  • Reports & Masters

I have tried to add them in translation doctype and in ar.csv inside the translation folder but it didn’t work,
so I search about this and found that workspaces are stored in JSON files and these files are generated from a patch called (

inside this line, I found that it’s ready to translate, and its first check for a field is called shortcuts_label but it doesn’t exist in the workspace!

so is there any help or documentation that can help!!?

The same problem. The translation doesn’t work for “Your Shortcuts” and “Reports & Masters”.

Who can help?

I didn’t find any solution and just hide it using custom CSS :confused:

Me too.

I just do this:

sed -i ‘s/ce-header//g’ apps/frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/views/workspace/blocks/header.js

then the block title such as “Your Shortcuts”, “Reports & Msters” do not appear any more.

However, I find the interface is more clean and tidy without these titles.

Though we still need to find way to solve the problem.

I have raised a new issue here:

I have the same problem. Any idea how to fix?
thanks a lot.

when You use a Bold Text or Header tag then the word can’t be translated.
review this

thank you, i will check