Translating Structure

in csv file in translation folder we have something like this picture ::

if i understand correctly 2nd column is sth like key for .py & .js file for example we have “untranslated text” in 2nd column and we have _“untranslated text” in .py file and we have "Translated text " in 3rd column program alternate “untranslated text” with “Translated text” where _“untranslated text” is in .py file
but what is 1st column for?
and it is something important in this process and how it work specially when we enter for example Doctype :Item in 1st column
and for the last thing : in some row 1st column is blank and it seems program dosent have any problem with rows like this
tnx for your help

The first column is only for info.

Translation are picked up based on the piece of code that is running

Also best to update translations at because they will be overwritten otherwise.

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tnx but it good if i can know the structure of translating in doctypes

tnx a lot
but in doctype how can i add some translate?
plz help me